Criminal Law

  • Defence of Federal (AFP) and State (VicPol) and (NSW Police) matters.
  • Bail Applications & Appeal Bail Applications.
  • Committal Mentions, Hearings and Criminal Appeals.
  • Murder & Manslaughter.
  • Sexual offences – Rape and Indecent Assault
  • Threats to Kill or cause Serious Injury offences
  • Possession of Firearms and Control of Weapons Offences.
  • Gross Violence causing serious injury offences.
  • Assault, intentionally and/or Recklessly Causing Injury.
  • Stalking and Personal Safety Offences.
  • Drug Importation, Trafficking and Possession.
  • Summary offences involving Drug and Alcohol.
  • Armed Robbery and Robbery.
  • Aggravated Burglary, Burglary and Theft.
  • Fraud Offences – Obtaining Financial Advantage or Property by Deception.
  • Blackmail and Extortion.
  • Defence of ATO Tax Prosecutions.
  • Intervention Order Breaches.
  • Use of Carriage Service Offences.

Motor Traffic Law

  • Negligent, Culpable and Dangerous Driving
  • Negligent and/or Recklessly Driving and Causing Serious Injury
  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Unlicensed Driving
  • Driving Whilst Suspended/Disqualified
  • Driving with Improper use of Motor Vehicle
  • Driving without an Interlock Device
  • Licence Restoration Applications
  • Section. 51 Revocation Applications
  • Revocation of Forfeiture, Impoundment and Immobilisation Applications

Intervention Orders

  • Family Violence – Application for and Defence of the Orders.
  • Personal Safety – Application for and Defence of the Orders.

General Legal Advise

  • Employment Law
  • Contractual Law
  • Referrals of Family & Property Law


Supreme Court inside

Jay & Co is a firm that prides itself on its service to the community, members of the public and always upholding the Rule of Law for 20 years. Having been a firm that encompassed Barristers and Solicitors who have  Specialised in Civil and Criminal Law, it’s acquiesced to a clientele from various socio-economic backgrounds with a wide varying number of legal issues and queries.

At Jay & Co, irrespective of the complexities involved, no matter has been too small or large for the firm to see through from start to finish. It is a steadfast understanding with all members of the firm, that Jay & Co’s client’s are attended to with the utmost understanding, integrity and diligence until their matters are resolved. The firm is an extension of the Community; and being so, continues to have its members active within various legal groups and organisations, which in turn encourages Jay & Co members to conduct a certain number of pro bono matters every financial year. It is this very approach which has inspired Jay & Co to be a firm where you will Experience The Difference.